Health Benefits of Indian Gooseberry

The Indian Gooseberry is popualrly known as "Amla". Its scientific name is "Emblica Officinalis". Amla is also known as Amalaki in Sanskrit, Adiphala, Dhatri, Amali, Amalakamu, Usirikai, Anola, Amlika, Nellikai, Nillika, Nellikya, Emblic, etc are some of the few other names used for Amla.

Amla is a herb which is widely used in Ayurvedic medicines to cure many diseases and ailments. It is also use in Unani system of medicine. Amla is rich in vitamin C, minerals and fiber.

1. Vitamin C Fruit : The Indian Gooseberry or Amla is very rich in vitamin C. It has the highest content of vitamin C available in nature. It contains 20-25 times the amount of vitamin C found in oranges. The study has proven that this vitamin C can reduce the severity of cough and cold, boost the immune system and act as a natural antihistamine. Amla should be eaten raw for health benefit.

2. Antioxidant : It has a powerful natural antioxidant that protects you from harmful free radicals like cancer, degeneration of cells and premature aging. It acts as an effective resistance against lots of diseases such as of the respiratory tract, etc.

3. Protein Metabolism and Weight Loss : Amla helps to boost protein metabolism. If you exercise and work out regularly, you will benefit greatly from regular amla intake. Similarly, people who have a tendency to gain weight easily tend to have poor metabolism. The better are your metabolism, the better are your body's ability to burn fat and keep you slim. Amla enhances metabolism, it helps you to lose weight faster. 

4. Anti-Inflammatory : Amla fruit is anti-inflammatory. It has been found to be effective against hay fever that causes inflammation of the nose and eyes. It has also been found to reduce inflammation caused by arthritis, gout and other joint pains.

5. Helps to improve the Immunity System : It  improves the immune system of the body and protects you from many diseases.

6. Helps to improve the Absorption and Assimilation of Food : The regular intake of amla improves the absorption and digestion of food in the body as well as proper assimilation of minerals like iron can take place.

7. Strengthens the Liver : The excessive intake of pain killers, antibiotics, alcohol and medication causes the accumulation of toxins in the body especially in the liver. Amla helps to get rid of these harmful substances from the body and strengthen the liver. 

8. Good for the Skin : Amla helps to purify and clean the blood so that no impurities reaches the body cells. Therefore, amla is very good for the skin. It can help to cure pimples and acne. It makes the skin glow and delays wrinkles or loosening of skin.

9. Good for the Hair : Amla acts a natural hair conditioner. It nourishes the roots of hair and helps to prevent premature greying of hair. It stimulates hair follicles and promotes hair growth. It also improves hair texture and prevents dandruff.

10. Good for the Eyesight : It is very effective in treating eye problems and improving eyesight. It helps to treat diseases like itching, reddening, and watering of eyes.  It has also shown some good results in treating cataracts.

11. Natural Sedatives : Amla extract is helpful to combat stress. It acts as a natural sedative by relaxing the muscles. It improves sleep too.

12. Controls the Sugar Level and Blood Pressure : It can keep your diabetes and blood pressure under control, since it helps in lowering blood sugar level and cholesterol.

Health Benefits of Amla

Overall, it acts as an effective natural cure for indigestion, acidity, constipation, gastric troubles and flatulence. Amla juice is very helpful in relieving constipation in piles. Amla juice also increases  the red blood cells in the body. Drinking Amla juice in hot summer season helps to keep the body cool. It also works as a brain tonic. It increases fertility, alertness and memory. Amla or Indian Gooseberry is beneficial in the case of diarrhea, bleeding and dysentery. There are so many health benefits of amla. A diet rich in amla will automatically bring health and wellness to your body and mind.


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