Simple Ways to Build up Your Stamina

Stamina is the energy and strength to endure physical activity, exertion, stress or illness over time. The fatigue and lack of stamina is a very common problem in both men, women, older people including small children and teenagers. The lack of stamina can affect your physical and mental performances.

The people with higher endurance and stamina goes through their daily life activities normally. They don't get tired and fatigue easily. The lack of stamina affects not only the efficiency of work of the person concern but it also affects the health of a person in many different ways. The level of stamina varies from one person to another. It also depends on factors like the state of body - age, sex and body condition. However, one can build up his or her stamina with some constant and deliberate efforts like proper exercise and diet. Improved stamina and endurance power will help you to increase your energy level, build strong muscle mass, fight diseases and sickness.

Before starting any form of rigorous physical activity, it is important that 10-15 minutes of basic warm-up and stretching exercise is a must both before and after strenuous activity. Otherwise, it can cause muscle cramp, sprain, etc. Here are some ways to build your stamina in an easy and effective way :

1. Walking:- Walking is a good exercise. It improves your energy level for more active lifestyle and keeps your heart and lung healthy. It is one of the best cardiovascular workout. It also strengthens your leg muscles. Brisk walking is a very effective exercise to improve and increase your stamina. One should gradually, increase the walking speed and distance for further health benefits.

2. Jogging and Running:- Jogging and running is one of the best and effective ways to build stamina and increase your endurance level. It is one of the best fitness exercise. Jogging and running boosts your cardiovascular health. It increases your capacity to do more work and lead a healthy active life. If you are a starter, start at a slow pace and time. Do not overdo. Wear a good supportive shoes. Jogging and running will also help you to burn those extra calories from your body, increase your body's metabolism, improves your appetite, builds strong leg muscles, freshens up your mind and keeps you away from symptoms like depression and so on.

3. Skipping:- Skipping or jumping rope is not just about child's game play but it is to be noted that, skipping or jumping rope can actually provide you with number of good health benefits for all ages. First of all, it's a good heart pumping exercise. It involves various muscles in the body including your arms and legs. This can have a very good and positive effect on increasing your body stamina. Skipping or jumping rope is a kind of exercise which is fun and inexpensive. This kind of exercise is convenient because you can do it anywhere, wherever you go. All you need is a skipping or jumping rope which is one portable piece of equipment. Skip daily and each week you can try to increase the duration. Skipping can help you burn calories and lose weight.

4. Swimming:- Swimming is fun. It is a form of exercise that involves you full body. Swimming builds one's endurance levels and improves body's stamina. It is an excellent fitness regime and gives out a great cardiovascular workout. It tones up your muscles and burn calories. Different swimming strokes requires different levels of stamina.

5. Cycling:- Cycling is a form of exercise that is very good for our body and building stamina. Cycling is fun and it increases your cardiovascular endurance. It develops your leg muscles and tones up your thighs, rear end and hips as well. Cycling activity involves moving the whole body especially the lower parts of the body. The focus should be on covering a larger distance and later, make sure to increase your intensity of cycling to cover that particular distance within a short span of time and improve your stamina. Cycling is one of the best workout options to lose those unwanted pounds. Along with building stamina and endurance power, cycling can also help to reduce stress and depression.

6. Hiking or Trekking:- Hiking or trekking is a good exercise to build your body's stamina and endurance levels as it requires lots of energy levels and power. It is a great way to get that heart pumping and exercise your body muscles and the best part is you can also enjoy the outdoor nature.

7. Climbing Stairs or Steps:- This is beneficial and effective. It can help to increase one's physical endurance levels and boost your stamina as well. Climbing a fleet of stairs may leave you out of breath but as you push yourself harder day by day, you will soon realize that your stamina has improved. Your heart will pump and it is a good workout exercise for you. In few days or a week, you can easily climb a fleet of stairs without getting breathless.

8. Pilates:- Pilates is an excellent form of exercise to increase your stamina. This form of exercise mainly focuses on regions such as stomach and lower back. It helps to strengthen the core of your body. It improves your body's posture and keeps you in shape. Stamina pilate which is an advanced method of pilate can help tone up your body muscles and it is a great cardio workout too.

9. Yoga:- Yoga is a very popular mantra to stay fit and build one's mental and physical endurance. Knowing how to breathe in and breathe out correctly is the main key towards good health. Proper breathing technique will help you to improve your stamina. Yoga strengthens and tones your muscles, increase your body's flexibility, balance and coordination, reduce mental stress and illness, improves blood circulation, regulate the heart beat rate and so on. Yoga is therapeutic and is found to be very effective and beneficial for any person of all ages to build one's stamina and maintain good health. The yoga exercises such as Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation and Pranayama are extremely popular form of yoga fitness workout.

10. Weight Training:- This method is very common and is one of the most used methods for building and improving body stamina which is done under the strict supervison and guidance of a fitness instructor or trainer. Weights are used to build more strong muscles and strength. Weights are increased slowly and steadily.

11. Aerobic Exercise:- Aerobic exercise is fun and is a very popular form of exercise to keep your body fit and in shape. It improves your energy level and stamina. It's a great and enjoyable workout exercise. It helps to strengthen your muscles, tones up your body and good for healthy cardiovascular system. It also burns unwanted calories from the body.

Apart from the above ways to build stamina, you can also try kickboxing or go to gym. Stamina can also be increased just by increasing the duration of every workout hours that you indulge into. Do it gradually and try not to overdo any of these exercises discuss above. Eat a healthy balanced diet. If a person is fit and healthy, one can put more effort and concentration to their personal and professional lives. A person feels happier, stronger and healthier.