Walking is a Natural Exercise

Walking is one of the best form of natural exercise known to man. It helps you to burn calories that aids to weight loss. In fact, you can start a "Walking Program" for a mere 20 minutes everyday (Especially recommended if your body is over-weight). Start with a "Go Slow" approach then slowly increase the intensity of walking speed as well as duration of your walk from 20 minutes to 30 - 45 minutes. Walking is probably the best exercise to start losing permanent weight. Try brisk walking.

The regular physical activity and participation in daily exercise program is helpful in many ways:-

1. Walking improves blood circulation in the body. It is good for your heart. It strengthens your heart, maintains your blood pressure, cholesterol levels and improves your cardiovascular functions. It reduces the risk of heart attack.

2. Walking strengthens your muscles and bones. Hence, it can reduce the chances of developing diseases such as osteoporosis and arthritis. Studies have also shown that walking exercise reduce the chances of hip and lower limb fractures.

3. Walking 20-30 minutes daily will help you to burn your calories faster and hence, it aids to weight loss.

4. Walking improves your body posture and brings flexibility to your body muscles, joints, bones,etc.

5. Walking has psychological benefits which means it can reduce the stress, anxiety, tension, improve your mood and helps you to stay away from depression. It lifts your spirit.

6. Walking cuts fatigue. Once your body gets used to (brisk walking), you can see the changes in you, both physically and mentally. No more painful backache. No more trouble while bending your body. Above all you don't get tired easily. You will feel more energetic.

7. If you are suffering from sleeplessness at night, go for a brisk walk. It will improve your sleep.

8. Regular walking can lower the effects of ageing. Walking keeps you fit and healthy.

9. Studies have shown that regular walking exercise can reduce the chances of diseases such as breast cancer and colon cancer.

10. Walking improves your body metabolism. Increased metabolism means that you are burning more calories even when you are sleeping. 1 hour of walking can burn upto 400 calories depending upon your pace.

11. It also helps to boost your immune system.

12. It helps to control and prevent Type 2 diabetes by improving your body's ability to process sugar and lowering your blood sugar.

13. Walking is good for your brain. It keeps your brain active and alert.

14. It promotes positive mental health and boost self-esteem.

15. Walking acts as a laxative and prevent constipation.

Note:- The above given list are just some well-known examples of benefits of walking. The best part of walking is - it's for free. No need to spend huge money on gym or aerobic class. However, if you are suffering from any diseases related to heart or skeletal or muscular problems or any other diseases, it is always better to consult with your doctor.